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iOS & Android Custom URL Schemes and Deep Linking

A cool iPhone/iOS feature is an SDK’s ability to ‘bind’ itself to a custom URL scheme and for that scheme to be used to launch the application from either a browser or another application. This can also be referred to as in-app ‘deep-linking’, which consists of using an uniform resource identifier (URI, a string of characters used to identify a name of a web source) that links to a specific location within a mobile app vs. simply launching the app. For example, you might want to deep link a user from your app directly to a certain Facebook page vs. having that user link straight to Facebook’s homepage.

To see how this works, type fb://profile/33138223345 into your phone’s browser (if you have Facebook installed, that is). This should not only launch your app, but take you straight to wikipedia’s Facebook page within the app.

Google has climbed atop the mountain to beckon its new device coming out  towards the end of the summer this year. Motorola, the cellular device company Google bought last year, has lost drastic market share due primarily to the two cellphone maker giants - Samsung and Apple. 

Besides their strong contract with Verizon Wireless producing ‘Droid’ phones, Motorola has had a hard time gaining any headway. The Motorola X is the first flagship model produced since the cellphone company was acquired by Google in 2012.

Whats more, Google is rumored to spend half a billion on their marketing promotions of their new flagship device. Comparatively, Apple and Samsung spent $333 million and $401 million on advertising last year. It seems Google is taking quite the leap for their new flagship phone. In the 1st quarter Motorola sold only 1% cellular devices. With a marketing budget dwarfing the two dominant players in the industry, it the American public will all soon be surrounded by the Motorola X’s advertising in the not-too-far future.

The phone features a built-in-America background as all parts are assembled in Texas, full body customization, and ‘contextually aware’ features (the phone will know you’re driving and will flip into ‘Driving Mode’, allowing you to spit out voice commands). 

The unveiling of the product is set to occur later on today. Will this be the comeback of the once-leading cellphone producer Motorola? We’ll find out soon enough.

Ad spending on Tablets expected to explode in ‘13

Advertisers have taken note as tablets become commonplace in the average American household. Advertising targeting tablets has jumped from $4 billion in ‘12 to $7 billion in ‘13, a 75% increase in spending over just one year, according to Ken Burbary, Chief Digital Officer of Campbell Ewald

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What one day looks like in one of the world’s biggest, busiest cities.

Polaroid’s IM1836 powered by Android

Polaroid recently dropped a technological wonder that caught plenty of attention at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013). The Polaroid IM1836 took the spotlight, boasting Android Jellybean and wifi connectivity, allowing users to post high-resolution images and videos straight to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube on the fly. 

So what if you’re camping with buddies in the backcountry and there’s no wifi for miles? No worries, Polaroid’s got your back. The IM1836 has built-in bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with any 3g/4g device for mobile uploads wherever you might be.

Your move, Sony.

Why doesn’t it lift it’s head above the water?!

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10 years ago today. Dedicated to the best neighbor we ever had.


Mr. Rogers. Style Icon.

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